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Advertise at the right time, at the right place – to the target audience.

Be first, be innovative, be heard, seen and remebered!

This time geolocation based tram and bus advertising offers unique advantages unrivalled by other advertising media.

  1. It connects you with your target audiences at the exact location.
  2. It connects you with your target audiences at the exact time.
  3. It captures your target audience attention for a prolongued period of time.
  4. Communicate with target audiences while they are active and ready to accept your offers.


We can offer tailor-made packages to best suite your specific needs.

No Hidden Costs

Time slots are leased according to the listed prices. For special needs and combinations, prices are formed on per case basis.

Effective Advertising

Test geolocation based advertising and witness its effectiveness.

Simple Management

Upload and manage new ads by yourself, and adapt the message according to the target audience and/or broadcast location.

Trams in Osijek every day are transporting a large numbers of our potential customers. It would be pity to miss the opportunity to present them our services in such an attractive and innovative way.
Igor Stipić

Igor Stipić

Barjak d.o.o.

This Time Star package

Star package is ideal for small entrepreneurs and for short-term campaigns. Choose the number of vehicles you want to broadcast in, length of the advertising package, and broadcast to your target consumers at the selected locations. Unlimited number of swaps of the ad are included.

Star package

  • Broadcasting in one vehicle
  • 100 repetitions of the video ad (up to 10sec) daily
  • 5 repetitions of the audio ad (up to 10sec) daily

This Time Superstar package

Become an advertising superstar. Choose package with best value for money. Alongside the audio and video ads in trams, your ads will be played on the LED display at the Osijek’s busiest location for one year!

Superstar package

  • Broadcast in 10 vehicles
  • 1000 repetitions of the video ad (up to 10 sec) daily
  • 50 repetitions of the audio ad (up to 10 sec) daily
  • 100 broadcasts of the video ad on the LED display at the central city square in Osijek

This Time

This Time is Osijek based startup developing technology for geolocation based advertising in public transportation vehicles.

This Time

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